Monthly Archive: September 2016

How Much Detail Does Your Contractor Need?

When providing your contractor with your plans and ideas just how much information is required before it becomes “too much information”?

Common sense tells us that the more detail we provide then the more we lower the risk of the contractor getting it wrong or rather not as we wanted it.

Where many self builders go wrong – and by self builders I mean managing your own project – is to fill the plans with much of the detail that should be provided in the specifications rather than the blueprints.

For example a door shown on a plan should include exactly where the opening goes, how big it is and which way the door will open. The specification sheet should include the style of door, type of wood, furniture, hinges, length of screws for fixing etc.

Your plans should convey the visual effect of what you want so the trained eye can look them over and see the completed job in his mind.

A good set of plans will include floor plan, elevations and sections if required. All drawings will be to scale and include dimensions. They will also include details of certain parts of the work that can’t be seen fully from the plans. The ‘details’ will usually be a zoom in of a certain area. For instance showing how a lintel is to be fitted over a patio door etc. read more