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3 Simple Steps to Having an Amazing Fourth of July

It’s that time of the year again when red, white, and blue rule as far as the eye can see. You could still hang on to this color scheme as you jump outside the box and think a little harder. The choice here would be between the usual knick-knacks for the sake of sticking to the tricolor decor or a spirited endeavor that would go to make your Independence Day one to remember for a long time.

Colonial Decorating Ideas

After you have hung the flag and put up the traditional red, white, and blue accessories, raid the attic for any antique items that may resemble this period in history. Drag out old barnyard or wicker furniture from storage and arrange them on the patio from where you get a good view of Old Glory.


Find old objects such as pictures, frames, lamps, musical instruments, convex mirrors, candle holders, anything pewter, and any old thing which doesn’t scream the 21st century.

You could also scout around in the flea markets, garage sales, and dime stores well in advance to make an amazing collection. Pictures of colonial themes or of your favorite founding father would take your room right back to the 18th century. read more